QR Code Tracking

QR or quick response codes are possibly the most exciting new thing in the technology world. These codes find their utility in a wide variety of places. Although it is a new technology, it has gained enormous popularity of late. Many businesses and organizations are using QR codes to increase their reach and improve relationship with consumers. One important aspect of QR codes is that it offers the scope to measure the effectiveness of the advertisement with a QR code. This measurement opportunity is known as QR code analytics. This article will give you a brief insight into how QR code analytics work and all the measurements that can be analyzed with it.

By using the QR code analytics, you can measure the URLs that are embedded in the code. It is essential to mention here that QR code analytics do not give you the distribution count but it gives you the traffic it brings to your website. When you embed campaign tracking option in the QR code, it gives you the data of the traffic directed to your site and what value that traffic is adding to your business. However, the tracking code that you will be using is dependent on the web analytics tool of the website.

Using the QR code analytics, you can also measure other URLs like Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. The only setback here is that these pages don’t have their own web analytics tool. There are no worries because you can use the URL shortener for your website. This shortener will shorten the destination URL and you can use the analytics functionality. QR code analytics can also help you track the phone numbers which have been dialed after scanning the QR code. The thing that you need to do is to get a unique phone number for which you need the tracking, using the QR code analytics.

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