QR Barcodes

QR barcodes can be super perplexing and also irresistible for small, mid, and large businesses because of its increasing significance in the marketing world. Barcode is an optical machine-readable data which shows the information associated to the products or services on which it is pasted. Originally, thick and thin parallel linear barcodes were used to represent the data and you must have seen these lines on food packaging, clothes, books, electronics items, and various other products in departmental stores, hospital products, groceries, and the like. In 1994, the system of two-dimensional QR codes evolved and it was widely adopted in Japan. The 2-D QR barcodes are made up of hexagons, dots, and rectangles. While it uses a number of different patterns, it is still referred to as barcodes.

You can easily create QR barcodes by using those websites which free QR barcode generation and you can even deploy your own QR codes by using online QR code generators. You can use QR code generators to create the codes for URLs, images, videos, and films. For scanning the images, you simply have to point your mobile camera to the codes and get the picture of the codes, which can be read by the reader application. In earlier days, optical scanners were use to create QR barcodes but now, barcode scanners are preinstalled in desktop printers and smartphones. There are also various mobile apps which can also be used to read these codes.

Some of the websites which are used to create QR barcode are Kaywa, Delivr, Maestro, and QR Stuff. Kaywa can be used to create QR barcode for non-commercial purposes and for commercial purposes. On the other hand, you may also use commercial online QR code generators where you have to pay for the services. Many websites also offer QR code generation without registration but only a few websites provide batch QR code creation.