QR Code Creator

QR code is a 2D bar code which can be decoded with the use of a QR code reader or a smartphone. To create QR codes, you need a mobile phone with a camera, an Internet connection, and a QR code reader. There are many smartphones which have preinstalled QR Code creators but in case you do not have QR code reader pre-installed on your mobile, you will have to download a QR Code creator. Before you do that, make sure that you check the compatibility of QR code reader apps and then scan the QR code picture. The reader installed on the mobile can store the scanned image. With the software, you can resolve the link to open a URL on the mobile browser.

It is very easy to create QR codes with QR Code creators. This way, you can send a huge amount of information through the code by just sending the picture of the QR code. The QR codes are made up of binary, alphanumeric, Kanji, and other types of symbols. It’s important to understand that the amount of data stored in QR codes depends on version, character set, and error correction level.

QR codes can be created free of charge by users. They can be sent to the weblogs, social media profiles, websites, product pages, business cards, and they can be used for both online and offline marketing purposes. The use of QR code in US market has been slow but the trend picked up in recent years. As QR codes become more popular, smartphone manufacturers are compelled to sell handsets with pre-installed QR code readers. Free QR code creator software is offered for mobile platforms online which can be used to create QR codes as per customized needs. Increasingly, people are using mobiles to connect to the Internet because they can make easy wireless connections and surf the web easily. With increased access to Internet-enabled mobiles, the demand for technology based on QR codes has risen because it provides lots of space for message storage, and you can drive enormous information effortlessly without much cost.