Make your Own QR Code

For many people, it is always a surprise to discover how a black and white image can be recognized and deciphered on their phone, but that’s the magic of QR codes. The QR code is very similar to a barcode. Smartphones read the black and white boxes, decode the information found in the codes, it and then invoke the expected tasks.

The Process

You may be curious to find out how to make your own QR code. There are various ways to make your own QR code. Creating QR codes is quite simple. There are a number of websites available on the Internet that help you make your own QR code. Just type the message into the boxes found on these websites and they will generate you an image which serves as the QR code for that particular message. Just by pointing your smartphone camera at the image and clicking the image will give you information such as a link to a website or to any other message which is tagged with the code.


The amount of data or information that can be stored on this QR code varies from one image to other, and the amount of data or characters used. The code words written for QR code are generally 8 bit long. The algorithm used for writing QR code is the Reed-Solom Error Algorithm which contains four error correction levels. The exact amount of errors in a signal only depends on the size of the symbols in the QR code generated. There are basically two types of QR codes, namely, the micro QR code and the standard QR code. These codes have their own standard storing capacity. The micro QR codes have very small amount of storing capacity while the standard QR codes have high amount of QR coding capacity. With the sophisticated Reed-Solom Error Algorithm, it becomes possible to make your own QR codes.