QR Code Companies

Nowadays, more and more companies are starting to market their products and services via QR codes. How do you create custom QR codes that help your customers identify your company right away? You may consider getting custom QR codes from QR code companies to get an edge in terms of design and user interface. QR code companies can help you create more intriguing QR codes which can kick-start your marketing campaign in a big way. Many companies are embracing custom QR codes to increase customer awareness and also offer information on the go. This is because the world is transitioning through the PC era where people are turning to smartphones like Android, Blackberry, and iPhone. If you don’t catch on to the revolution soon, you will be left far behind.

Custom QR codes generated by QR code companies are mainly used for advertisements which include posters, flyers, brochures, and other types of media. It was previously believed that QR codes are essentially monochromatic which would have a layout with black pixels and boxes on white background. However, it’s not true anymore. QR code companies can spice up these matrixes and give it an exciting touch.

It’s easy to spend some money to get the desired custom QR codes for your company but you may be interested to do it yourself. Let’s take a look. One of the ways to customize your QR code is to color it up. An easy way to customize and integrate the QR code in colored interfaces is to change the background color. Basically, you can change it to any color except black. The basic problem you will face when you try to change the background color of your QR code is the limited number of colors which can be used to make it in synch. When you are choosing a color, you should make sure that it does not make the QR code unreadable, which will defeat the whole purpose of creating it in the first place. Another way is to use images in the QR code but you have to test it before development.

QR code scanner applications can check the black modules that belong to a QR code. Then, they gather the essential information again by scanning the black modules, thereby decoding the message therein. In case a QR code is inverted, the black modules that carry the embedded information will appear as white, and vice versa. It can get confusing so the QR code reader will not be able to read the data. The QR code reader can read the black modules without any embedded message or data. Often, inverted QR codes are avoided since they will not be of any use. In fact, the white space is essential because it helps render the QR code instead of jamming it with colours. This white space is known as the Quiet Space and the white space is set as a technical standard for QR codes.

There are some of barcode readers which can be used to be able to read upside down QR codes but for the most part, many of the QR code reader applications available in the market are not able to do it. After you know about the difficult process of customizing your QR code, perhaps, the best way to get a customized QR code is to contact one of the QR code companies.