QR Codes in Retail

With the latest developments in marketing strategies, you may find yourself scanning QR codes from magazines and newspapers to look at products or browse the features. In the retail sector, QR codes can be used in the following ways: 

Integrating QR Codes with Shop Window Displays

The QR codes can be integrated to the concept of window shopping where shoppers will be able to access product information which includes the product reviews, product range, and the videos featuring product line, and other related information.

QR Codes on Social Media

QR codes can be used to advertise the brands and new products can be placed as codes in the magazines or other media to for promoting. When the users scan the code, they will get access to the limitless promotions online. If they are interested, they can link the code to any brand and look into the latest discounts, offers or competitions at Facebook or the web page of the product. The integration to the social media helps to promote the products to people who can directly interact with provider.

New Methods to Allow Product Range Browsing

The feature of product range browsing is already popular at stores such as Best Buy where QR codes are attached to the product tag in the store. QR codes are also pasted on the packaging to allow users to find out about the latest products in the store.

Card-less Loyalty Programs

Retailers and restaurant owners can use the QR codes to promote QR based card-less loyalty programs where the QR codes are offered as scan-able transaction identifiers. This way, users can use the QR codes to collect or redeem the benefits or manage it on their phones without using the loyalty cards. Users can even get rewards and other benefits through the scheme.