Restaurant QR Codes

Are you a restaurant owner or manager? Do you want to promote your restaurant? Even with budget constraints, you should be encouraged because there’s a superb way for you to promote your restaurant. There’s this new, exciting economic way to promote your business. It’s called QR codes. You can use restaurant QR codes to promote your restaurant business. This is still quite a novel idea because the use of restaurant QR codes is not as widespread as other industries. This article will give you a brief insight of the potential prospect of the use of restaurant QR codes.

Here are a few ideas that may come in handy when you are using restaurant QR codes. You can always tweak these ideas to fit the needs of your business.

  1. Since people are very health conscious these days, it will be a great addition if you can include the nutrition information of the menu in the restaurant QR codes.
  2. You can embed photos of the menu in the restaurant QR code, which may not be feasible in the restaurant menu.
  3. Restaurant QR code can include information on the daily special dish. Another good idea is to highlight the upcoming special dishes in the QR code. You can also include the special or signature dishes of your restaurant. This way, you can save on the paper cost.
  4. You can include your restaurant history in the restaurant QR code. This can give your customers a brief idea about the background of your restaurant. You may be surprised to find out how some customers like to learn about the history of a restaurant.
  5. The target audience can receive a personal message from the chef or the owner of the restaurant when they scan the restaurant QR code.
  6. You can include the contact information of your restaurant in the restaurant QR code business card. This will enable the users to quickly store the information in their phone.
  7. You can create a take-away menu card in the restaurant QR code.
  8. You can create a customer survey option in the restaurant QR code.
  9. Discounts and special promotions can also be included in the restaurant QR code.

Here are some ideas for creating restaurant QR Codes.