Learning at Home: Help for Homeschool Teachers and Students

Homeschooling is on the rise due to a variety of factors. There are many things in the world that parents want to try to protect their children from; violence and bullying are problems that are on the rise and your child's safety is a valid concern. A homeschooled child may be less exposed to these things than children who attend public schools. In addition to safety concerns, when parents homeschool, they provide their child with individual instruction, which may be more helpful and productive than a classroom setting with one teacher and 30 students.

You can specifically tailor the lessons to your child's individual needs and learning ability. You can also integrate the morals and values that your family observe into a lesson plan. You can choose to teach religion to your child if you desire. Some studies have shown that children who are homeschooled score above average in all subject areas on standardized tests.

Language Arts


  • Homeschool Math: The website is a good math resource providing free worksheets, lessons, games, curriculum guide and more.
  • This is Mega Mathematics!: The website is a fun and colorful tool for learning math with items such as graph games and algorithms.
  • The Math Worksheet Site: You can create as many math worksheets as you need from this website in areas such as addition, subtraction and fractions.
  • Play With Numbers: An excellent and fun website filled with math games, logic games and word problems.
  • Math Goodies: The website offers free math help with interactive lesson, homework help and worksheets.
  • WebMath: The website provides K-12 lesson plans, virtual labs, family activities and more.


Social Studies

  • Social Studies: The Bridgeway Academy offers a social studies program according to grade level.
  • Cyber School Bus: The United Nations offers curriculum on a variety of subjects such as poverty, human rights and cities of the world.
  • Five Themes of Geography: The site discusses regions, movement and human/environmental interaction as well as other topics.
  • Social Science Subject Center: Education World provides you with links to articles regarding social studies as well as lesson plans, worksheets and other resources.
  • Explore the States: An interactive map of the United States which provides you with information on each state.

Educational Games

  • Funbrain: Funbrain offers free educational games in areas such as reading and math.
  • Arcade: The website offers fun games in areas such as science, math, geography, history and according to grade level.
  • Learning Games For Kids: The website provides learning games and songs for children in preschool to elementary school.
  • Plays Kids Games: The website offers fun games in areas such as math, geography and vocabulary.
  • PBS Kids: The website provides games in a variety of subject areas such as reading, science, math and spelling.
  • Prongo: The website offers activities and games for kids according to age groups including: 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12.
  • Fun Learning Games: A very colorful website offering games for various subjects according to grade level.
  • Primary Games: The website provides games in all subject areas as well as holidays and an arcade.