QR Code Reader

QR codes are odd shaped two-dimensional matrix barcodes which hold a lot of information that can be downloaded to mobiles and used for broader commercial purposes. The accuracy of QR codes depends on QR code printing which should be done in proper format to ensure contrast between the background and bar color to improve micro capabilities of the codes. There are many QR codes designed in readable formats to permit easy reading.

For getting information through QR codes, you need QR code readers which can scan and read the mobile barcodes to give you fast and accurate information. Mobile phones offer phone software which has a link directing to the QR code reader app which can be downloaded and used for effective scanning. The encoded information can be saved in your computer or smartphone and viewed later as per your convenience. 

The main function of QR code reader is to save and display raw data as an upshot of the code scanned by the QR code reader. A QR code reader supports various QR formats including website URLs, SMS, email, calendar events, Geo-coordinates, contact information (vCard information), Wi-Fi network information, and text information. Generally, there are two types of QR code reader app. One uses the video camera to scan the code and then process it to almost real time, and the other type of scanner can take the picture and directly passes it to the reader.

One of the commonly used QR code readers is KAYWA reader, which can be downloaded directly through the Internet and you can use the USB cable or Bluetooth to transfer information from the mobile or you can also download information to your mobile by visiting the web pages.

A number of free QR code reader apps are supported by iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Phone 7. Android supports free apps such as Barcode Scanner which can scan UPC, Data Matrix and QR Codes, ShopSavvy (scans UPS codes), ScanLife (scans QR Code, EZ code, Data Matrix, and UPC Codes), QuickMark, and QR Pal. On the other hand, Windows Phone 7 QR code reader supports QR Reader, BeeTagg, NeoReader, and Quickmark.