Online Free QR Code Creators


Kaywa provides support for basic QR code generation and you can generate 4 types of QR codes like URLs, text, phone numbers, and SMS which can be formatted in four sizes S, M, L or XL.

goQR helps to create free QR codes of text messages, URLs, phone number, vCard, and SMSs. Users can define the size in the format 60 X 60 to 1000 X 1000 and you may even change the color, pattern, margin, and other output elements as per requirements. The users can enter the URL into the browser address bar to get the QR code instantly.


ZXing QR code generator supports calendar events, emails, geo location, phone numbers, SMSs, URLs, text messages, Wi-Fi network, and contact information. The users can enter the latitudes and longitudes or paste the Google maps link to add geo location. You can visit the website to enter the URL of QR code or you can even upload the image of QR code to get the information. ZXing also provides options to generate QR codes in many different sizes and you get all the features in just a few clicks.


Maestro is the online QR code generator offering support for SMSs, phone numbers, URLs, Google Maps, text information, calendar through vCal, and apps. Contact information support is for MeCard, Blackberry vCard, and BlackBerry Pin.


Delivr QR code offers unique features so that you can send SMS to phone number or SMS to short code, and get RSS feeds on it. Delivr QR helps to create free QR codes for Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Google maps, contact information, emails, phone numbers, and text messages. Users can even shorten the URLs on the domain and select the QR code size as per requirements. You may also download the QR code in the form of EPS or PNGs.


Quikqr offers users the chance to create free QR codes which are based on open source codes and it is not owned by anyone. Users can use its feature without registration so you do not need to sign-in to get the QR codes. The site does not hold any personal data and offers complete flexibility to create, share or save the QR code. It works well with PNGs and it can be easily resized as per requirements. Quikqr also provides a number of games and competitions which are based on QR codes. These games and competitions can be viewed on its blog sites and its services are completely free for personal and commercial purposes.


Azonmedia can be used to create free QR codes for texts, URLs, phone numbers, SMSs, emails address & messages, contact details (vCards and meCard), Google maps (which can be used for location search), and social networks (which can be used for Facebook, Delicious, Twitter and other services). You can change the quality of the QR code by using the error correction, color, and point size methods while you can even download the image and upload it to your website or blog.


Free QR codes can be generated with Maestro which provides conversions for phone numbers, Google maps, URLs, contact information, SMSs, text, and calendar events through vCard. Users can use Maestro for location search through Google maps and you can also use it for storing information in Blackberry Pin/vCard or MeCard. Users can use various apps from stores of Apple, Androids, Blackberry, and other manufacturers on Maestro.

Online QR Lab

You get free QR codes generation through Online QR lab which provides support for text information, SMSs, emails, call, contact, and location. You can even change the QR code size and encoding type through online QR lab.


BeQRious can be used to generate free QR codes which supports URLs, emails, phone numbers, text messages, contact information, YouTube messages/videos, SMSs, services, and graphics, and it also helps to store images in QR codes for URLs and Google maps.


BeeTagg is one of the simplest versions of QR code generator which can be used to create BeeTagg codes, Datamatrix codes, and QR codes. It provides support for URLs, RSS feeds and contacts, and you can link to information through eBay, YouTube, Facebook, and more.


One of the most common QR code generators offered free online is Mobile-Barcodes, which can be used to generate codes for URLs, text messages, emails address, SMSs, vCard information, and phone numbers. Simple HTML code can be used to embed the QR codes into the WebPages or the blog pages.

All the above websites can be used to create free QR codes but most of the websites provide support for single QR code generation. There are also websites offering support for creating QR codes in multiple batches as the demand for QR code generation in batches is increasing.