QR Code Decoder

ZXing Decoder Online: This is a free QR code decoder where you only have to enter an online URL or you can upload images of QR codes to get the resultant decoded information. The submit button on the webpage helps to get the decoded image on the page in the form of information. The decoded results are displayed under the label Parsed-results where you can view the decoded QR codes. There are other similar tools offered online such as BeQRious, Likify, QRcore, and QRJumps.

  • MiniQR: With MiniQR, you can get decoded information for -
    1. Any URL of the QR code
    2. Scanned image of the QR code taken through a webcam
  • The user can decode the content of the QR code and view it in a new page using MiniQR. The decoded information can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and you can even download the decoded information in the PDF or DOC file format.

    1. good-survey.com: A leading online QR decoder which provides both QR code generator and recovery features where the user can upload a QR code image and click on the recover button to get the decoded information. Users can even use the website for generating QR codes through texts, emails messages, and URLs. The good-survey website offers support for decoding QR codes on computers in contrast to MiniQR which provides support for URLs and webcam images.
    2. Patrick Wied QR Generator: Another website which can be used to upload a QR code file from your computer to get the decoded results in the webpage. The website also provides features to generate QR codes for text messages.
    3. Online Barcode Reader: This is one of the most popular QR code readers which can be used to upload a QR code file in the format of GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP. The website allows file size of up to 1 MB and you can use the “Send file” feature on your computer to get the decoded results on the webpage.

    While ZXing and MiniQR support decoding from URLs, the last four websites provide decoding through image files on your computer.

    There are also some 2D codes which cannot be decoded by applications other than the specified reader. Some of the two-dimensional barcodes which require specified reader applications for decoding information are mentioned below: 

    1. The 2D barcodes from Microsoft are called “Microsoft Tag”, and these codes have a special reader from Microsoft which should be installed in the machine to enable decoding.
    2. EZcode is the propriety of ScanLife, and it comes with a special reader from ScanLife which is required to read 2D barcodes of ScanLife.
    3. BeeTagg is propriety of code generated by BeeTagg and it can be decoded only with the help of the special reader created by BeeTagg.
    4. In 2006, Shotcode was a famous 2D barcode company which generated Shotcodes which are to be read by “Shotcode” apps only.
    5. NeoMedia is an American 2D patented company and special readers of NeoMedia are required for reading the codes.

    Open-Source QR Code Decoders

    QR code decoders are software which can be accessed on the websites of a mobile company and sometimes, they can also be found as independent entities on the Internet. The independent type of QR code decoders are open-source code programs which work almost in the same way as the QR code decoders of the leading mobile companies. To use the open-source decoders, you need to download the open-source applications which may take some time to download but they work great with many types of codes.