Near Field Communication Technology

Near field communication technology or NFC is a latest technology which is gaining popularity in the modern world of technology. Near field communication technology works between two wireless devices that are kept not more than a few centimeters away. Near field communication technology works on the principal of proximity. The latest smartphones are equipped with NFC chips which can be used to store the financial data of the user. When the user taps the phone in the billing desk, the near field communications reader picks up the information and payment for the bill is made.

Near field communication technology was first developed in 2002 in partnership between NXP Semiconductors and Sony. After this, there was a forum that was formed in 2004. Nokia became an active member of that forum. In recent times, there are many big companies that are embedding the near field communication technology in their smartphone devices. This technology is user friendly and there are lots of advantages. The users of near field communication technology can safeguard their financial information found in credit cards and bank accounts. By using this technology, they can purchase something in a retail store without showing their credit cards. The technology is gaining popularity day-by-day and there will be a time when NFC technology will be used throughout the world.