Make a QR Code

With the passage of time, the uses of QR codes are getting more and more popular. You may have come across a QR code in some websites, magazines or newspapers. QR codes are increasing in popularity because people can use their smartphones to scan these codes for retrieving information on products or services. If you have not caught on to the QR code fever, you better start because it’s the way of the future. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of QR codes.

  • With your smartphone, you can scan these QR codes so you do not require special scanners for reading a QR code.
  • By storing a QR code, you will never forget an important detail. You can scan and save any information you desire.
  • It can store a variety of information, ranging from websites URL to contact information. Almost everything can be stored in a QR code.
  • If you are tech savvy, then you should create QR codes as it’ll prove to be a great help in your work.

Making QR Codes

How to make a QR code? Making a QR code is now possible and it can be done in a few simple and easy steps. If you are not a programmer, there’s nothing to worry. It’s no problem for you to create good QR codes that you can use as per your need and requirement. What you need is an excellent quality QR code generator site. This is why it does not matter if you know nothing about coding. By using these websites, you can easily you make a QR code. Just follow the below mentioned steps for generating a QR code:

  • If you are thinking where to make a QR code, first and foremost, find a QR generator site. You can select a website after reading reviews and checking the site ratings. You can even find free or paid software for generating and customizing QR codes.
  • After selection of site, you can feed the data such as data to make a QR code image, which you want to transform into a QR code and click on the ‘Generate QR Code’ key.
  • Once your QR code is generated, you can save it on your computer.

Customize Your QR Code Image

While creating a QR code on your own, you can customize your QR image. You can make use of various colors to make your QR code attractive and colorful. You can customize your QR image by using the following steps:

  • Create a QR image with use of a QR code generator.
  • Use a screen capture tool to copy the QR code.
  • Make use of a graphic software for filling colors into your generated QR code. If you have not used any graphic software before, it’s not so hard to learn.
  • Add a white colored border to the image that you have uploaded.
  • Use colors of your choice and crop it cautiously without disturbing the coded area.
  • Save the QR image code which you have customized
  • Check the code with your smartphone to find out if the QR code is working properly or not.

You can now use the customized QR code as per your need and requirement.

Here are some resources to help you make a QR Code.