How to Make a QR Code

QR code or Quick Response code is a technology of the next generation. If you are oblivious of this technology, here’s a lowdown by which you can get a better idea about QR codes.

A QR code, also known as a 2D barcode, is a matrix barcode with stored information which can be unlocked with the help of a smartphone. When you look at a QR code, you will be able to see square shapes. In these squares, codes are encrypted. On scanning, the codes reveal the information. If you are a manufacturer, you can easily track your products with the use of these QR codes.

Uses of QR Codes

QR codes have various uses. You can make QR codes to promote your business. QR codes are now increasingly being used by companies for sending advertisement mails to people. It is also used in movie posters for informing moviegoers about the release date of movies and ticket availability. Another use QR codes is in the area of visiting cards. Complete business details can be condensed in a QR code, which can be read by using smartphones. Restaurants have also started using these codes because it is easier for a person to scan the details of a menu and choose the cuisine. Companies are using these codes for promotion and discount offers as well. The possibilities are endless. For instance, you can even use it on your T-shirt for sharing some personal information!

Generating QR Codes

Do you know how to make a QR Code? Now, it’s extremely easy and simple to make a QR code. You just have to follow some essential steps to create a QR code.

  • There are various websites which helps you to make valid QR codes. You can check out these websites after going through the rating of these websites.
  • You can select a website where an online QR barcode can be generated. After you have selected the online QR code generator, you must select the information which you want to transform into a QR code. You can easily transform website URLs, text messages, telephone numbers, business Vcards, images, and other information into a QR code and put the codes in websites, magazines, billboards or any place as per need and requirement.
  • After you have selected what you want to transform, you can enter the information and then click on the QR code generator key. Once you have received the QR code, you can save it on your computer or a hard drive for later use.

With these QR code generating websites, you can easily generate QR codes free of charge. You can even download software by which you can generate QR codes as per your requirement and in a hassle-free manner. QR codes are getting prominent day by day and it’s high time that everybody should be aware of the vast potential of QR codes.